Welcome to ST.KITTS & NEVIS

Welcome to ST.KITTS & NEVIS

At 68 square miles of lush vegetation, St.Kitts sits in the Leeward islands of the Caribbean. 2,418 kilometers from the U.S.A .
The larger of two sister islands St.Kitts, boasts white, gray and black sand. It is surrounded by a number of islands such as Anguilla that is 101 kilometers, St.Martin 83.6 kilometers and St. Barts 60.5 kilometers.With the population of over 54, 191 people, the island still have a relaxed vibe. The main language spoken on both islands (St.Kitts & Nevis) is English and a Creole dialect. St. Kitts gained its independence from the United Kingdom on 19th September, 1983 and is still today recognized as a national holiday.

The motto is Country Above Self and the Royal anthem is God save the Queen”.The capital is Basseterre where Cruise Ships dock at Port Zante and tourist can explore the islandOne of the main attractions on the island of St.Kitts is Brimstone Hill National Park and Fortress; it is located on the western side of the island in the town of Sandy Point. It sits 750 feet above sea level and is over 300 years old. This magnificent structure was built by African Slaves. Canons mounted on this giant fort were used to protect the islands from invaders.


Before 2005, St Kitts & Nevis economy was solely dependent on the export of sugar cane. Since then, tourism has been the driving force in the growth of the economyTourism has been increasing year over year with a record breaking one million passenger visits in a cruise ship season. St. Kitts is also seeing a spike in property purchase and development due to their citizenship by investment program that have been in place since 1984. The investment program that offers St. Kitts and Nevis citizenship is one of the longest standing programs in the Caribbean. St.Kitts is undergoing many construction activity, development such as Christophe Harbour, Park Hyatt, Heldon Estate Hotel, Kittitian Hill, Ocean Edge Resorts, Imperial Bay Resorts, Koi Resorts, Pelican bay etc.

St Kitts & Nevis is part of the Lesser Antilles and Leeward Islands. Along with islands such as Anguilla, St Martin, Saba, Antigua & Barbuda, the Virgin Islands (St. Thomas, St John, St Croix and Water Island). St.Kitts offers relaxation, and other world experience, tasty island dishes, comfort, love, serenity and good vibes.